Technology | Process | Performance

Our focus at Adaptive Information Management is on delivering results that combine the most efficient use of technology, process improvement, and streamlined performance resulting in substantial financial savings and growth.
Our technology solutions are scalable with great depth through subcontracting relationships, networking with capable small businesses and completely transparent to match your budget requirements. Our project management experience extends throughout Federal agencies, commercial, private, and the educational sectors.

Providing business solutions that transform problem areas, integrating COTS software packages or bridge the gap between multiple efficient systems to make an extraordinary process, demands vision, insight and evaluation capabilities.


We are proud of our accomplishments and execution of our strategic planning.

Your Business Success is at the center of our focus. We bring years of industry experience, specific relevant education and reliable innovative solutions to every facet our your project.

Some of our recent mission-relevant technology solutions and innovative initiatives include:

• Provide responsive, flexible IT systems that offer global intelligence gathering, processing and analysis
• Solve business issues with solutions that leverage both traditional and agile methodologies
• Reduce hardware costs while meeting Federal compliance standards with high-security mobile computing
• Manage information with a “decision-driven design” that blends existing and new software capabilities
• Identify company goals by incorporating technical skill and data scientist insights
• Secure perimeter firewalls with a cyber security workforce productivity automation system