COTS/GOTS Are Raw Materials

Oftentimes, we are called upon to develop software to bridge the gap between current systems that fail to communicate effectively or efficiently. We apply our expertise in program and project management to provide our clients with ‘breathing room’ to focus on other necessary business functions providing them with the knowledge and peace of mind that we are tracking schedules and resolving risks on their behalf.

Our capability of configuring and integrating large COTS/GOTS packages provides our clients with a plethora of solutions to intricate and custom challenges.

Our services such as configuration and change management along with strategic IT architecture are skillfully combined to produce specific desired solutions. When the need arises, cyber-security, credentialing, identity and access management is utilized as multiple facets of the modern business criteria have grown to require these safeguards.

COTS: Commercial-off-the-shelf software and services are built and delivered usually from a third party vendor. COTS can be purchased, leased or even licensed to the general public. COTS provides some of the following strengths: Applications are provided at a reduced cost.

GOTS: Government off-the-shelf is a term for software and hardware government products that are ready to use and which were created and are owned by a government agency. Typically GOTS are developed by the technical staff of the government agency for which it is created.